Halide Salam


I received my Master of Art in Painting from New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, New Mexico, and Ph. D,  in Fine Arts, (Studio) from Texas Tech University and  teach at Radford University, Radford, Virginia. I studied Sacred Geometry and Sacred Art Traditions under the famed Geometer, Keith Critchlow, Director of Kairos , Royal College of Art,  London UK.

I have been painting and exhibiting in national and international galleries and museums, winning numerous awards in painting and collage. Recently, I won the Open Call Award 2017 at the Athenaeum, Alexandria, Virginia for the exhibition GLOW. My painting, "Title Withheld No. 6" was chosen by the US Department of State, Art in Embassies Program to represent American Artists’ work overseas. My work is in numerous collections nationwide and overseas. I  have presented lectures and papers on art and art history during my teaching career, within and outside the United States. My paintings are philosophical investigations and are to be viewed as time-zones. I  intuit patterns and structures inherent in nature that speak to the organic creation of personal spaces– places of rest, places of unrest, resonating the identity shifts of my migrant life. Coming from the school of sacred geometry and universal patterns, I find connections with the everyday phenomenon in nature, my life experiences and with sacred texts. I belong to the school of contemporary aniconic  art where the image is the vestige, effect or end result of this sojourn in space. My book, Between Two Spaces: Reflections on the Spiritual in Art, was published by Pocahontas Press in January of 2008, and was nominated for the 2008 National Book Award in Non-Fiction. The book traces the intellectual and spiritual development of a visual artist living between two cultures, one that I was born and raised in and the other where I am crystallizing.



Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018               SEKEL ART ATRIUM – Halide Salam – Visions of Personal Spaces. LFCC

Middleton campus Middleton. Virginia Feb-April

2013               ARTSPACE – Voices, Richmond, Virginia Jan

2010               INTERNATIONAL VISIONS – THE GALLERY, Shaping Light. Washington D.C.

2008              CITY ART GALLERY, Halide Salam, Paintings. Galax, Virginia.

                       ECHAUS GALLERY, Boundless, Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

                       WILLIAM KING REGIONAL ART CENTER, Beyond Aesthetics. Abington, Virginia  2006                     

                       INTERNATIONAL VISIONS - THE GALLERY, Title Withheld. Washington D.C.

                        ALMAS HALL  Washington D.C. Art Expo, Washington D.C.,

2004               ARTSPACE  Imaging Metaphors, Richmond, Va.

2002               RADFORD UNIVERSITY ART MUSUEM Stations of Remembering, Radford, Va.

2001                ARTEMESIA GALLERY, Unveiling Nature/nature Chicago, Illinois

                        INTERNATIONAL VISIONS-THE GALLERY, Unveiling Nature. Washington D.C.

2000               STF GALERIA INTERNATIONALE Selected works. Dhaka, Bangladesh.

                        A.R.C. GALLERY  Invitational, Painted Prayers, Chicago,

1998                INTERNATIONAL VISIONS – THE GALLERY, Washington, D.C.

1995-96           ART INSTITUTE AND GALLERY, Stations of the Heart, Salisbury, Maryland.    

1993                FLOSSIE MARTIN GALLERY, Between the Yea and the Nay, Radford U. Va.

DEVLET GUZEL SANATLAR GALERISI (State Gallery of Istanbul) , Turkey. January

1992                IZMIR RESIM VE HEYKEL MUZESI (Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum) Izmir,  Turkey.

100 YIL SANAT GALLERIES (100 Street Gallery), From the Soul the Heart, Ankara Valiigi 100 Yil Carsisi Ulus Ankara, Turkey,

                        IRCICA YILDIZ SARAYI (Islamic Center for Research in Culture and Art History), Cit  Kasri Barbaros

Bulvari-Besiktas-Istanbul, Turkey,

1989                GREENSBORO ARTIST’S LEAGUE, Greensboro, North Carolina,


Selected Group Exhibitions

2018            MANHATTAN ARTS INTERNATIONAL – New Beginnings, New York, NY. Jan- April

                      CADE CENTER GALLERY – Inner Worlds, Arnold, Maryland.   Invitational. Jan-Feb

2017             ATHENAEUM Glow. National Virginia Fine arts Association. Invitational.  September  October.  First                             Place Award

                      ROGUE SPACE – Bangladesh Women Artists, Sponsored by Bangladesh Consulate   General. Chelsea,                               New York. Invitational. July

                      WILLIAM KING MUSEUM – Cherry Bounce: Appalachian Artist, American Election Invitational, Abington,                        VA. January 2017

2016             AURORA STUDIO CENTER A Sense of Place_ 3-Person Show. Roanoke, VA. September

                       TODD ART GALLERY-  MTSU 5th Juried Natl. Exhibition of Small Scale Works, Nashville,    TN 37203                                  December –February 2016

                        WILLIAM KING MUSEUM -  Contemporary Art in the Southern Appalachian Highlands, Abington, VA.                               October – February 2016 

 2014              UTSA ART GALLERY- MACAA Members Juried Exhibition. San Antonio, TX. September

2013                PRINTING ON THE EDGE – Group exhibition Rua Reidh Museum Scotland UK June

2010                ENLIGHTENMENT THROUGH EXPERIENCE – An Exhibition of Alchemical, Mystical, Hermetic and                                   Rosicrucian Art. Santa Fe, New Mexico, October

SANTA MONICA GALLERIES, South Asian American Art Festival. Invitational. March

2009             SANTA MONICA GALLERIES, South Asian American Art Festival.  ZanbeelArt. Santa Monica, Ca.                                      March

                        THE JOAN HISOKA GALLERY, Joan Hisoka Gallery, Washington D.C.

2008             MYRTIS GALLERIE  Baltimore, MD;

                       MOREHEAD STATE  UNIVERSITY, CLAYPOOL-YOUNG ART GALLERY, Ameri-Dreaming: Art and

American Culture.


                        GALERIE MYRTIS, Stars and Stripes; Pride or Despair. Baltimore, MD  Sep-Oct

2006              NORTHWEST ART CENTER, Americas 2000, Catalog. Minot, North Dakota Aug-Sep

2004               INTERNATIONAL VISIONS-THE GALLERY, Abstractions Revisited. Invitational.

                        Washington D.C.

2002                WILLIAM AND MARY CENTER FOR THE ARTS, Marking Time, Fredericksburg, Va. July-Aug

2002                 FREDERICKSBURG CENTER FOR THE CREATIVE ARTS, Marking Time.  Fredericksburg, Va. May-June

2000                MARLBORO GALLERY, Reflections of Humanity, Largo, Maryland  Aug-Sep

1997                ARTSPACE, International Juried Competition for New Work 1997, New Haven Connecticut Oct – Nov.

                        Juror: Marian Griffiths, Director, The Sculpture Center, New York

                    ATRIUM GALLERY, SALISBURY STATE UNIV. Art Calendar's First International  Exhibition Thunder and    Lightning. Salisbury, Md. 

                        Jurors: Chris Brownwell, Academy of the Arts, Easton, Md. Mr. David Scott art historian/museum consultant. Honorable Mention

1996                THE ATHENAEUM, Watermarks, Alexandria, Virginia.

                        Jurors: Wilem de Looper, Artist, William   Kloss, Art Historian and Author. First Place Award

                        ARLINGTON ARTS CENTER, Painting 96, Arlington, Virginia. Jan –

1995                COOPERSTOWN ART ASSOCIATION GALLERIES, Natl Juried Exhibition,  Cooperstown, New York.

                        ART MUSEUM OF WESTERN VIRGINIA, Roanoke City Art Show, National Juried    Show, Roanoke, Virginia.

1994                UNIVERSAL NORTH GALLERIES, Collage Exposition, Invitational, D.C. OFFICE OF THE HONORABLE ELEANOR HOLMES                                      NORTON,Washington D.C.,

                     CITY GOVERNMENT CENTER, Greater Harrisburg Arts Council, Mixed Media Four Artists Exhibition, Harrisburg, PA. June –                                   September.

                    MARY ANN REILLY GALLERY, Unity in Diversity, Four Artists Group Exhibition, Georgetown, Washington, D.C., June.

                    RALLS COLLECTION, Gallery Artists’ Group Show, Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

                    PASCAL CENTER FOR PREFORMING ARTS, Anne Arundel Community College,

1993                        The Contemporary Figure, Arnold Md., November – December.

                        Juror: Jack Rasmussen, Executive Director, and Maryland Art Place.

                        THE DELAPLAIN VISUAL ARTS CENTER, Mill Opening Show, Frederick, Md.,

                        Jurors: Willford Wides Scott - Senior Lecture for the National Gallery of Art; Robert Ballard

                        Executive Director for Rockville Art Place; Abbey Sangiamo - Chairman of General Fine  Arts and Drawing Depts.of Maryland                                 Institute College of Art.

                        THE ALTERNATIVE GALLERY, Unity in Diversity, Fairfax, Va., Oct – Dec

                        TWEED GALLERY, Invitational, New York CIty New York, May – June

                        Curated by Robert Lee, Director, Asian American Center.

                        CARDINAL GALLERY, Contemporary Art on Canvas, National Juried Show, MFA  Gallery on the Circle, Annapolis, Maryland, June.

                        Juror: William Christenberry, Professor of Art, Corcoran School of Art.

                        FAIRFAX COUNTY COUNCIL OF THE ARTS INCORPORATED, Regional Multimedia Juried Exhibition, Fairfax, Virginia, May –June.

                        Juror: Virginia Mecklenburg, Chief Curator, National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institute.

1992                THE COLONNADE GALLERY, George Washington University, Invitational,  Washington, D.C., November – December.

                        ROANOKE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, Thirteenth Roanoke City Art Show, Juried Exhibition, Roanoke, Virginia, May – July 1. Juror:                           Tony Armstrong, Director Emeritus,    Whitney Museum of American Art.

1991                THE ART BARN GALLERY, The New District of Columbia Collage Society Exhibition, Invitational, Washington, D.C., October. Second                        Place Award.

                        BRANDT CHAPEL CENTER FOR POLISH SCULPTURE, International Invitational. Curated by Krystof Stanislawski, Notoro Gallery,                             Oronsko, Poland, June.

                        EL ART GALERIE, Spotkanie International Group Show, Invitational, Warsaw, Poland, D'ART CENTER ANNUAL MID-ATLANTIC ART                           EXHIBITION, Chrysler Museum  MARYLAND  FEDERATION OF ART, 1991 Art  on  Paper, Annapolis, Maryland, March – April.

                        Juror: Willem De Looper, Curator, Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C.

                        CLARY-MINER GALLERY, International Juried Exhibition,Buffalo, New York              

                        FLOSSIE MARTIN GALLERY, Faculty Four, Radford, Virginia, January – February.

1990                CLARY-MINER GALLERY, International All On Paper Exhibition, Buffalo, New York, CLARY-MINER GALLERY, International Collage                             Competition,     Buffalo, New York Second place award.

                        OLIN GALLERY, First Biennial Juried Exhibition, Roanoke, Virginia, Oct. 23 –Nov. 30.

                        Juror: Roger D. Clisby, Deputy Director/Curator for Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, VA

                        ODDZIAL MUSEUM TECHNIKI NOTORO GALLERY, International Invitational Warsaw, Poland,

                        ORANGERY GALLERY, POLISH SCULPTURE CENTER, International Invitational  Show, Oronsko, Poland,

                        VIRIDIAN GALLERY, Third National Juried Exhibition, Guggenheim Museum, N Y                              

                       FAIRFAX COUNTY COUNCIL OF THE ARTS, Open Exhibition, Annadale, Virginia,                                   

                       NORTH COAST COLLAGE SOCIETY, Sixth Annual International Collage Exhibition, Hudson, Ohio,

                        Award of Excellence, Rosalie Cohen, Director of Sales, Cleveland Center for Contemporary arts, and Fred Leach, Artist.

1989                CLARY-MINER GALLERY LTD, International Collage Exhibition, Buffalo, New York,  First Place Award. Juror: Carol Towsend.


                        Juror: David Tannous, Washington, D.C. Art Critic.

            ARMORY GALLERY, Women Artists 1989, Invitational Exhibition, Blacksburg, VA                

                        BEACHWOOD MUSEUM, North Coast Collage Society Fourth Annual International exhibit, International Juried Show, Beachwood,                           Ohio, February. Award of Excellence.

Jurors: Marcianne Heer, Director of Akron Art Museum; Craig Lucas, Professor Of Art, Kent State University; Tim Shuckerow, Director of Art, Case Western Reserve University, Nicholas Liviach.

1988                THE NEW ART CENTER, RAGTIME: PAPER WORKS, Juried Show, Washington, D.C., Oct.Juror: Helen Frederick.

                        MATRIX GALLERY, Women Artists '88, Sacramento, California,

                        GREENSBORO ARTISTS LEAGUE, 1988 Juried Exhibition, Greensboro Carolina, July. First Place Award.Juror: Gaynell Fitzgerald.

                        ARTS COUNCIL, ROANOKE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, Roanoke, Virginia,

                        ARMORY GALLERY, Women's Art Show, Invitational, Blacksburg,Va.

                        MARYLAND FEDERATION OF ART INC. MFA GALLERY ON THE CIRCLE, ART ON PAPER '88, National Juried Show,  Maryland

1987                WAUKESHA FINE ARTS GALLERY, Response 87 – EMERGING VISIONS, National

                        Juried Show, Waukesha, WI

                        NEW ART CENTER, The New Collage, National Juried Show, Washington, D.C., .

                        Juror: Sylvia Ripley, Addison-Ripley Gallery, Washington, D.C.

                        METRO ART CENTER EXHIBITION, Invitational,

                        NEXUS GALLERY, FOUNDATION FOR TODAY'S ART, Art in Exile, Philadelphia, ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, International Juried                               Show, Easton, Maryland,

                        Juror: William Orlander, Curator, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, N.Y.

                        ARMORY GALLERY, 1987 Woman's Art Show, Invitational, Blacksburg, Virginia.

1986                FLOSSIE MARTIN GALLERY, Group Show, Radford, Virginia, January.

1985                FLOSSIE MARTIN GALLERY, Inaugural Show, Radford, Virginia, September.

                        Regional Artists of Southwest Virginia, Radford, Virginia, September.

1984                ANTHONY GALLERY, Roanoke, Virginia

1983                HUNTER MUSEUM, Group Show, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

                        PENINSULA ART CENTER, Group Show, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

1982                DANVILLE MUSEUM OF ART, Group Show, Danville, Virginia.

                        ROANOKE MUSEUM, Over the Blue Ridge, Group Show, Juried Show.


Paintings In Public And Private Collections

           US DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Embassy of United States, Port Louis, Mauritius

           Princess Reema Bandar Al-Saud California, USA

           Mr. Mohammed Attar, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

           Ms. Hanan Shobaski Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

            Dr. Estelle Cook-Sampson, Anthropologist, Washington D.C.


            JOHNSON & JOHNSON, Roanoke, Virginia

Mr. Tarik Khan, Chicago, Illinois

             CITY OF ROANOKE, Roanoke, Virginia

             DEVITT JONES FILMS PRODUCTIONS, Washington, D.C.

            RADFORD UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION, Radford, Virginia.

             Ms. Lydia Marek, Virginia.

              Dr. And Mrs. James Spisak, Blacksburg, Virginia.

              Dr. Shamsuddin Ahmed, St. Albans, England.

               Ms. Denise Farnwalt, Roanoke, Virginia.

               UNESCO, Dr. Kamal Rahim Choudhrey, Paris, France

               PAMELA SMITH AND ASSOCIATES, McLean, Virginia.

               ARCHITECTURE INCORPORATED, Reston, Virginia.

                Ms. Winola Carman, Roanoke, Virginia.

                 Dr. David Phillips,  Musician,  Miami, Florida

                  NOTORO GALLERY, Warsaw, Polan

                   Kristof Stanilawski, Critic Stuka, Warsaw, Poland.

                   Dr. Bakhitah Abdul Ra'uf, Anthropologist and Professor of C. Justice, Blacksburg, Va                             

                CENTER FOR POLISH SCULPTURE, Oronsko, Poland.



International/National Papers, Lectures, Adjudication

 2014                ICON AS WORD, WORD AS IMAGE. Paper presented at the 12th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities.                            Oahu, Hawaii. Jan

2013                ICON AS WORD, WORD AS FEELING. SECCAC 2013 Conference, Greensboro, North Carolina. November

2011                MAKING LIGHT. Lecture. Hopi Cultural Center. Second Mesa, AZ. Jun 2011

                        Transforming pigment to Light. Workshop. Katoney Studio. Hoteville AZ. June

2010                SHAPING LIGHT: A PAINTER’S VISION. Lecture. Presented at STF Gallery.  

                        SHAPING LIGHT. Artist’s Talk. International Visions Gallery, Washington D.C.

2009                DIALOGUE IN ART. Lecture. Presented at the 2nd South Asian American Art Festival Santa Monica, Ca.

                        MUSLIM AESTHETICS AND CONTEMPORARY ART OF MUSLIM AMERICANS. Lecture. Presented at the 2nd South Asian                                       American Art Festival 2009 sponsored by FFEM Zanbeel, Santa Monica, Ca.

           Artist’s Talk: MEANING BEHIND TITLE WITHHELD SERIES. Presented  by The Joan Hisaoka healing Arts Gallery.

           RETHINKING MEANING IN THE ART OF ISLAMIC CIVILIZATION.  William King Regional Art Center. Abington, Virginia.

           Artist’s Talk: MEANING BEHIND TITLE WITHHELD SERIES. Galerie Myrtis.

2008                Invited Guest Artist in Residence for Two-Day Painting workshop. Chestnut Creek

Center for the Arts. Galax May

2007                TITLEWITHHELD. Gallery Talk. Presented at the Baltic Art Center. Newcastle, U.K.

                        Talk with Discussion on THE SPIRITUAL IN ART at gallery Opus Greenfield, Ma.

2006                Lecture/Slide Presentation on THE SPIRITUAL IN CONTEMPORARY ART to faculty

                         and students in Nantong & Hangchow, China.

2004                INSIDE AND OUTSIDE TRADITION: Contemporary women artists.  Paper presented for the Taft Museum in conjunction with the                           Islamic Center Cincinnati, Ohio


2000                BANGLADESH REVISITED: Land, People and the Arts. Gallery 205, Radford University Museum.

1999                Contemporary American Painting. Shilpangan, Dhaka, Bangladesh. July.    

                        An Artist’s Vision. D & D Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh. July.

                        Art and Form. Folk Art Museum. Dhaka, Bangladesh. June.

1998                An Artists Vision. Talk presented at the International Visions Gallery. Washington D.C. Mar.

1996                SACRED GEOMETRY AND INTELLECTION.  Slide presentation at the KAIROSummer School 1996, Crestone, Colorado. August

                        JUROR: The Fifth Annual Painting Exhibition. Sponsored by the Northern Virginia Fine  Arts Association & The Alexandria Art                                 League, Alexandria, Virginia. June


                        THE  LEGACY OF AFRICA IN THE ART OF MATISSE AND PICASSO. Lectures Presented to the Honors Program and Dept. of                                Anthropology and Sociology, Lincoln University, Lincoln, Pennsylvania.

                        JUROR: PAINTINGS AND WORKS ON PAPER for the State Museum of Pennsylvania for the exhibition Art of the State:                                           Pennsylvania 1995, Harrisburg, PA.

                        ARTISTS AND  SOURCES. Darul Ishan  University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, January.

1994                THE CREATIVE IMAGINATION AS A SOURCE FOR VISUAL ARTISTS. Paper Presented at Central Woman's University. Dhaka,                                   Bangladesh, December.

                        PERENNIAL TRADITIONS  IN CONTEMPORARY PAINTING. Lecture and slide Presentation at the Arts of the Sacred Symposium                             sponsored by KAIROS, the Visual  Islamic, and Traditional Arts Department of The Prince of Wales Institute, London,                          England. Crestone, Colorado, September.

1993                CULTURE AS AN UNDERLYING AND INTEGRATING FRAMEWORK. Paper presented during a panel discussion at the New York                             City Hall. Panel discussion sponsored by the Mayor of the City of New York, The Mayor's office for Asian Affairs  and the Asian                             American Arts Center. City Hall, New York, May 21, 1993.

                        EAST/WEST AESTHETICS. A lecture on: The Development of a Style in Painting.  Lecture and slide Presentation at the quarterly                             conference of Turkiye Sanatclair ve Sanat   Seveliler Dernegi Baskani, Martins Hotel, Turkey, January.

                        STYLE IN TODAY'S ART. A PERSONAL EVALUATION. Lecture and slide  Presentation for Macka Art School Students. Develt                                 Guzel Sanatlar Galerisi, Beyoglu.  Istanbul, Turkey, January.

1992                THE NEW ARABESQUE DIRECTIONS IN CONTEMPORARY ART. Lecture and slide Presentation. IRCIA Yildis Sarai, Istanbul, Turkey,                         November.

                        NEW TRENDS IN ISLAMIC AESTHETICS. Lecture and slide Presentation. Illhiat Facultesi. Ankara Valiligi, 100 yil Sanat Galeriesi,                               Ankara, Turkey, December.

1991                NEW DIRECTIONS FOR CONTEMPORARY ART. Lecture/Presentation. Notoro  Symposium, Poland, June.

1990                Slide/Lecture Presentation. Notoro Symposium, Oronsko, Poland, July

1987                NURTURING THROUGH THE ARTS: WOMEN SPEAK. Paper Presented at the National Conference of the American Association for                         Policy and Research for Developing Countries, Bermuda, November.

1986                ART AND ARCHITECTURE IN THE ISLAMIC WORLD. Paper/slide Presentation, one day workshop for teachers sponsored by the                            American Islamic Institute of America and Cranwell International Center. VPI and SU, Blacksburg, Virginia, November.

                        RELIGION AND AESTHETICS. Exhibit/lecture at the International Institute of Religion and National Confederation of Justice of                                 Christ, Washington, D.C., September.

1982                PERSIAN IMAGERY IN INDIAN PAINTING. Paper Presented at the Athenian Society, Roanoke, Virginia, October.

                        EAST/WEST AESTHETICS. Guest Speaker: Roanoke League of Artists, Virginia,

                        EASTERN AESTHETICS. Guest speaker: New River Fine Arts Center, Dublin, Va.

1980                ISLAMIC ART AND PHILOSOPHY. Paper Presented at the American Association of Religion, Dallas, Texas.


Selected National and International Reviews


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